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When it comes to Toronto apartments and condos for rent, it helps to stay informed since finding an ideal place is no easy feat these days. With the vacancy rate in Toronto down to a surprising 1%, you’ll be competing for your ideal apartments and condos for rent in Toronto against several other renters.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to increase the odds of securing the apartment or condo that you truly want. The Kingsway Village Square experts have compiled a list of valuable tips you can follow to beat out the competition and get the apartment of your dream.

What’s the difference between a condo and an apartment?

Condo buildings consist of exclusively owned units, while no resident own their unit in an apartment unit. When you rent a condo, you can take advantage of some of Toronto’s best locations, and most of the perks and amenities such as concierge, gyms, meeting rooms, security guards, and more.

Apartment buildings are usually cheaper to rent than condos; however, they do not offer the same perks as condos. Apartment buildings are not as much as you might think in Toronto. Though there haven’t been lots of apartment buildings in rent years, there is an increase in dedicated apartment buildings under construction.

The Quality

Only seeing pictures online is not enough. Before you rent a condo or an apartment, you need to arrange to see the building and rooms in-person. It is important to note that cosmetic issues like broken blinds can be fixed, most likely by the building landlord. But deeper issues may be a sign that the building hasn’t been properly taken care of. While examining the building, look for safety and health issues, such as leaky faucets, dirty air filters, electrical problems, and bug problems.


When looking into the apartments for rent Toronto, observe the neighborhood to get a sense of the community. With that, you will be able to better assess the demographics and general age of the neighborhood. In addition to the safety and demographics, check whether the community has any rules.

Apply early

The right time to search for condos or apartments for rent near me is 4 to 6 months from the day you want to relocate. In a hot rental market such as Toronto, landlords only need one to two weeks to find a tenant. That is why we always advise people that have all their documentation ready before they start looking into apartments and condos for rent in Toronto. One month may seem overwhelming, but it is usually quite manageable so far you are prepared and look for apartments for rent Toronto early.

Ready for a Toronto ON apartments for rent?

If you are looking into Toronto apartments for rent, you want to partner with Kingsway Village Square. Our apartment building is not just a place for you to live, its where you live your life to the fullest. We surround you with luxury amenities that make your life easier and more comfortable. Contact Kingsway Village Square 416-546-9326 to inquire.

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