Business Dispute Mediation Florida

Business Dispute Mediation Florida

What is mediation?

Mediation offers an alternative means to litigation for the resolution of disputes. It is often a meeting with a business dispute mediation attorney agreed between the parties and the parties involved in a bid to resolve the dispute.

Can mediation deal with business disputes?

Yes, it can. Mediation is an arrangement where the parties involved in a dispute agree to use mediation as an option to resolve a dispute.  Any settlement decision reached is only binding once confirmed by the parties in writing and signed or when made into a consent court order (where court proceedings have already been issued).

What are the advantages of mediation?

It is a really fast option for dispute resolution because the parties involved get to retain a high degree of control. However, you must know what you should not say during mediation.

How is the mediator appointed?

The mediator is often appointed based on an agreement between the parties, who often go over several potential mediators.

 Does the mediator have to be a lawyer?

No. However, the mediator needs to have hands-on knowledge of how other dispute resolution options. They'd also need to know what disputes are suitable for mediation.

How and where does the mediation take place?

The parties involved in the dispute resolution agree upon a date, location, and necessary facilities for the mediation. However, there are mediator organizations that provide mediation facilities.

 What does the mediator have to do?

The mediator explores the strengths, weaknesses, costs, and other risks and any opportunities of their case against what they wish to achieve. They then try to help the parties find a common ground upon which the parties can lay the foundation for a dispute resolution.

 What are the powers of a mediator?

Barring persuasive powers, the mediator has no powers, merely tries to use the persuasive dynamics of having the parties, their legal advisers, if any, and any ultimate decision-maker, eg an insurer, present at the same time to bring about sufficient changes in the parties positions to resolve the dispute.

How is the mediator paid?

The parties involved in the dispute resolution split the pay between themselves before the mediation meeting.

How much does mediation cost in Florida?

Florida law sets the cost for court-connected mediation: $60 per person for each session when a couple's annual income is less than $50,000, or. $120 per person for each session when the combined income is more than $50,000 but less than $100,000.

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At Keith Brady Law, we have a team of expert attorneys that specialize in business dispute mediation in Florida. Our professional mediators are always ready to step in whenever you need them and you can rest assured we’ll reach a palatable agreement as long as both parties are reasonably cooperative. Whether the dispute is fresh or has been going for a while, you can trust us to handle it professionally. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get reliable information about business dispute mediation in Florida.

Business Dispute Mediation Florida
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Business Dispute Mediation Florida
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