Westrock Capital secures farm loans for Ontario residents who are seeking to raise capital for agricultural ventures. For Canadian farmers, it is encouraging to learn that Westrock Capital is 100% committed to the success of our clients. With a prime focus on private mortgage investing in cases where you and/or your company are refinancing existing debt, seeking capital to fund growth organically or via acquisition, Westrock also offers solutions to meet your financial/management objectives via corporate finance/management consulting; or if you just need answers to complex financial situations, Westrock is able to help manage that too.
With an expert team of professionals who are private mortgage investors, commercial/agricultural loan underwriters, bankers, and corporate finance/management consultants with many years of combined corporate experience, Westrock Capital will find you the capital you need through the strategic relationships we have built with lenders, other capital providers, as well as with their own private mortgage funds. No other brokers are able to secure farm loans in and around Ontario like Westrock can.
Farm loans for Ontario residents come in many different types. If you’re seeking to raise capital, Westrock Capital can help you get your business funded through one of many types of loans, including:
– Farm Loans in Ontario via Bank Loans. Bank Loans are the most familiar form of loan and usually have the lowest interest rates. The most common loans are term loans and revolving lines of credit. Lines of credit typically have a one year maturity while term loans last for 1 to 7 years. Many banks have a preference for loans secured by real estate or machinery and equipment. For most smaller mid-market companies, banks will require personal guarantees of the owners and senior, blanket liens on all assets of the company. Banks prefer floating interest rates, but fixed interest rates are also available.
– Farm Loans in Ontario via Specialty Finance Loans. Specialty Finance Loans are loans that are tailored to specific needs or collateral and may be offered by banks, asset based lenders, or specialized lenders. These loans may include factoring, purchase order financing, trade finance, bankruptcy loans, or even more specialized loans such as the financing of taxi cab medallions. In general, these loans provide financing that would, otherwise, be unavailable.
– Farm Loans in Ontario via Mezzanine Loans. Mezzanine or Subordinated Debt Loans are loans that rely on the cash flow of the company to repay the loan. These loans are usually unsecured or secured by a junior lien position behind the primary lender. These loans are an excellent way to finance a company when there is plenty of cash flow, but not enough collateral. These loans are usually available in amounts of $1.5 million or more for companies with more than $10 million in revenues. Interest rates are usually fixed, and some lenders require the company to issue them a small amount of equity in addition to paying interest.
The above are only a few examples of the types of farm loans that are available to Ontario farmers through Westrock Capital. If you have questions for a loan specialist from Westrock Capital, we welcome your call at 877.995.1829. Let Westrock Capital help you get the funding you need for your agricultural venture. Call an expert today.

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