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Professional home inspections are a good idea whenever you are looking to buy a new home or improve the maintenance of the current one. Today, we expound on the different types of Tampa home inspections and how each offers different perks for your home.

Types of the Best home inspection companies

Whole house

Thorough home inspections are what we would term whole-house inspections. The service looks at all four points of a primary inspection, which tend to cover critical areas between the floor and roofing.

The inspection looks at the structural status of the features and their age and aesthetics. We want to determine if the roof’s attachment is still strong and whether there are any significant concerns about how the HVAC is circulating air through the home. The biggest concern with the electrical system would be to check if it has any risk for fires and that the fuses, wires, and routes are in excellent condition.

The plumbing system should work great because fixtures like the septic tank, sewer, piping, and backflow guards are not at risk of leaks.

You should get this service if the building did not get a prior inspection or if you would like to understand specific aspects affecting an old home. Please do not do a complete inspection by yourself or contract an unlicensed person because they will not know all the things to look for beneath a seemingly perfect home.

Standard Top-rated home inspection

A standard home inspection is when you have to look for issues that could need major fixing and repairs before selling the home. We perform objective inspections on the physical structure, infrastructure integrity, and how the appliances work.

The standard inspection performs more or less the same tasks as the whole-house inspection, but the process will be more visual than physical. Some areas we look at include:

  • Walls
  • Foundation
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Basement
  • Grading
  • Garage
  • Waste system
  • Coverings
  • Walls
  • Yard
  • Patios

Top local home inspectors may look at different systems by turning on the gas pipes, testing the electrical connections, and looking for leaks in the water system.

Infrared inspections

The four-point home inspection can take a completely different path today because we can use infra-red rays to inspect areas our eyes cannot reach visually. The IR inspection reveals issues with insulation, ventilation, and structural damage beneath the surface. IR is of immense help when you buy an old home or one renovated after a fire, water, or wind damage.

Wind inspections

Some states will need insurance companies to offer discounts if the homeowner has wind mitigation features on the property. An inspector will look for the presence and functionality of things like good roofing, hurricane braces, and such, so give a professional report to assist with the buying or selling.

People living in wind-prone areas should invest in such inspection services to keep up the home’s safety standards and save a little more when the wind strikes again.

Radiant Property Inspection encourages you to book a consultation if you need any of the above home inspector services by contacting us online.

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