Owning a multifamily residential building or apartment is not an easy game play for faint hearted people. Managing multifamily properties presents its own challenges and special list of required talent and skills.

For effective multifamily property management, there are only two possible choices:


  1. You dedicatedly devote your full time managing the property yourself




  1. Hire a third party multifamily property management professional


In either case, your objective is to have a profitable property with least issues generating from multifamily accommodation settings.

Multifamily property management needs time and great efforts. If you are already swamped with your business & family responsibilities, it is always recommended to hand over the job to efficient multifamily property management firms. Just ensure that your chosen property manager holds excellent skill set including knowledge of:

  • Property leasing & property marketing
  • Accounting
  • Tenant & community relation management
  • Methods for income increment and expense deduction

Although, multifamily property management professionals are efficient in handling everything independently but it is up to you to decide the protocols and procedures to be followed with your tenants as well as with you.

You must also clearly set solid systems in place with your property manager. The best opportunity to set such systems is at the beginning of the agreement because it gets difficult to make adjustments when some problem develops.

You need to determine how and when your property manager should be reporting you. To keep a check on the performance of your multifamily property management company, you can ask them to provide you weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates including:


  • Leasing status update
  • Details of marketing activities
  • Rent collection details
  • Accounts of expenses made over repair or maintenance works

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