HOA stands for the Homeowners Association and most Kansas City suburbs have them. It is a committee that works for benefits, development, and maintenance for a community. Member houses pay a fee and that funds are used in the development and proper care of the community. If you’re thinking,  does your HOA need a management company or can we save some money and self manage our HOA? You may want to reconsider. Because it’s better to spend some money than watching your community go down. Here are a few aspects that we’ve shared to let you know the importance of an HOA management company and the risks you expose yourselves to if you run on a self-managed campaign.


Risks involved in self-managing your HOA:

The first problem involved in self-managed HOAs is the selection of volunteers. It can be hard to find someone in your neighborhood who can volunteer their time and has the desire to do such a job. Even if you have a community of such big-hearted people, there are certain criteria they need to meet to ensure the job will be handled accordingly.


To handle the infrastructure of a well-organized community you need to give your full time and attention to it. It’s not something a volunteer can do. He will have his limits, he can volunteer up to some extent then he’ll eventually step down. With the maintenance or construction of parks, street lights, roads or security, this job can get out of a volunteer’s hands.


Because of this discontent members will stop paying funds when they’d know that their money is getting wasted. And once the funding gets cut off, HOA will suffer. It will not be able to comply with the state, federal, and local laws.  


And the worst thing that can happen to your HOA is a bad reputation. Once the word is out, it’ll spread like fire in a jungle. Lack of leadership and management, improper fundings, and claims of poor infrastructure can haunt your HOA. It can become your worst nightmare. These kinds of communities become very difficult to resurface due to the bad rep they get. Their resources get cut short, no development, destruction of the assets, and it goes on and on. You don’t want your HOA to go down that road. Here are a few things that signify why HOA management companies are important.


Importance of HOA management companies

Hoa management in Kansas city metro is essential because you need a professional’s support to help out your community. What benefits does an HOA management company bring to the table? Here are some of them:


  • Proper and effective communication
  • Better management and maintenance of the community’s ground
  • Proper collection of funds
  • Disputes are resolved in a fair manner – Proper managerial hierarchy
  • Proper meetings (weekly or monthly) among community members and HOA management.
  • Solid strategies devised by professionals.


Therefore, hiring a management company for your HOA will result in the development of your community. Disputes are resolved calmly, no blame games. A proper managerial structure gives a path for the development and maintenance of your community’s assets.