Even if your home is a rental property that is not 100% your own, you can easily make it feel like your own home through easy decoration tips. It is however recommended to check with your property management services before you make any major or permanent changes in. Here are the top practical and in-budget tips:


  1. Personalize Spaces with Plants

 Plans as a living element can instantly accentuate entire décor. The best part about personalizing spaces with plants is that they are not too costly. You can cost effectively beautify and personalize your space with your favorite indoor plants.


If you have a balcony or backyard, your full service property management professional can help you contact local plant nursery for easy plant supplies. You can also use small plant containers on patio, porch or window box.


  1. Feature Your Family & Friends


There is absolutely no better way to personalize the rented property with photographs of your family and friends. All smiling faces instantly enliven the entire space with charm. You can also try making creative frames to show your artistic side. Even better, you can mix your house warming party with painting party to collect beautiful art pieces painted by your friends and new neighbors – hit 2 creative birds with a single shot!.


  1. Get Creative


In case you do not like certain portions of floor or wall, you can creatively camouflage it with something that you like. For example, wall patches can be covered with panel curtains (without an actual window) for the time till it is repaired by the real estate property managers.


  1. Make Little Things Work Big


Before changing the old looking light fixtures, ask your real estate and property management company, they will be happy to allow you changing it on your cost. However, keep the old fixture securely with you to replace as you leave. Small things like a funny doormat can also work remarkably to personalize your rented property as your own home.

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