Tenant eviction is stressful and is something no property owner would want to go through. Yes, property managers do their best in keeping your properties occupied with the best tenants, but certain circumstances can possibly arise, leading up to evicting tenants from your rental property. Property management services in Kansas City do help clients in tenant eviction.

Here’s a useful guide from a leading property management service, offering a deep insight on the subject:

Reasons for Evicting Tenants:

These are some of the common reasons/scenarios, in which you have legal authority to evict tenants:

  1. Missing or Delayed Rental Payments:

The popular reason for tenant eviction is the nonpayment of rent. If your tenant has been delaying rental payments, or even failed to do so, you can legally evict them from your property. This is also possible when partial payment is only made. In such cases, start the eviction process right away.

  1. Violation of Lease:

Besides the policies already furnished in your lease, there are other terms that must be complied with. You can evict a tenant who breaches the lease at any time. Before eviction, ensure you thoroughly understand the terms in the lease. You may also offer an opportunity for your tenant to rectify the infraction as well.

  1. Violation of Policies:

Tenant eviction can also be executed when your tenant violates the policies mentioned in the lease. For instance, if your lease mentions a No Smoking policy (which the tenant had already agreed to) and the same has been violated, you shall instigate the eviction process soon. Instances like these make it legal for you to evict a tenant from your property.

  1. Committing Unlawful Activities:

If you identify any illegal activity that has occurred in your property, you can evict the tenant with immediate effect. Some examples include selling of drugs, illegal possession of arms, conducting an unlawful form of commercial activity and the like. When you realize something that would jeopardize the safety of you and your property, make no second thoughts in evicting the tenant.

  1. Selling of Your Property:

If you have decided to sell your property, you will have to remove your tenant. But make sure to consider the present financial circumstances of the tenant and give them enough time and resources required while shifting homes.

How to Start the Process:

Work with a property management service in Kansas City throughout the tenant eviction process. Neither the property owner nor the manager can start the eviction process until the lease is terminated and a written notice is issued to the tenant, explaining that they are about to be evicted. There are laws, which differ between states, associated with the elements that are to be included in the notice, hence make note of it before issuing the same.

If you need more help on evicting tenants, consult with an experienced property management service in Kansas City for help.