You may have a beautiful apartment but it might also have quite a big environmental footprint. Making your apartment more eco-friendly can take it an edge over to be rented fast and high among environmentally conscious people.

As you own an apartment, your apartment management company can suggest you easy renovation and remodeling projects to add GREEN factor to it and reduce energy costs. Here are the easy ones to start with:

Wall Insulation

Insulation can reduce apartment heating and cooling costs by large. New apartment often have insulation but there is always a chance for improvement. Even if your apartment is not new, proper insulation is still possible.

Your apartment management firm can inspect your apartment and contact with local utilities to get insulation intact. They have a list of recommended contractors who may inspect your apartment for free.

Window Treatments

Besides remarkably reduced energy costs, window treatments can also make your apartment look beautiful. Roman blinds or thick curtains for example block heat in summers and keeps cold air entering into the apartment through windows in winters.

As suggested and implemented by many apartment management companies, white drape backings can lessen the summer heat gain by up to 33%.

Proper Appliance Disposal

One of the easiest ways to save energy is to upgrade your older appliances. You can look for improved appliances with energy saving labels as they consume about 15% less energy than other no labeled appliances.

While you buy the new ones, don’t just throw the old appliance out with other garbage. Use proper appliance disposal procedures.

Better Selection of Material

Formaldehyde based glues and materials commonly used in making cabinets and other furniture at home contribute to smog and also reduce the quality of air. Choose formaldehyde free materials. Look for wood furniture that is certified to be coming from a forest managed in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way.

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