It is absolutely worthwhile to hire property Management services even if you are renting out a single home. If you ask this question to many property management companies, they companies will all answer YES. But, before you jump over the conclusion that it just their sales effort, consider and understand the true value of efficient property management that is much complex than you can imagine.

You do not hire property management services merely to collect rent payments and fix broken appliances. The real significance of property management company lies in risk mitigation and that must be your top priority irrespective of number of homes you are renting.

Reducing your personal liabilities is the best policy to maximize your rental revenues because poorly handled property owner-tenant conflicts and other property damages can be the biggest expenses to drive property owners into great losses or even bankruptcy.

Property management companies through their efficient working systems reduce owner’s liability. Property management firms keep themselves informed and ready for any type of emergency and hence you are protected.

Property management companies have efficient systems to handle:


  • Day-to-day works like finding tenants, tenant screening, singing lease and tenant eviction
  • Legislative conflicts through their experience and knowledge about legislation changes
  • Emergencies such as any unfortunate event or natural disaster

Specifically for owners of single home, hiring property management services becomes necessary because if they lose their single tenant for any reason, their rental income will immediately turn being zero and it will remain zero until the property is occupied by another tenant. In fact, they will run into negative cash flow.


Premier Property Managers of Kansas City greatly help you not only to retain your single tenant but also to increase rental income by excellent tenant care. So, hiring Premier property management services for a single home is extremely essential.  Contact us today for more information.