No matter if you own a single family or multifamily property, condominiums, commercial properties, luxury homes or apartments, the property management services are dedicated to maximize your rental profits.

To protect your interest, real estate and property management companies use their professional experiences, contacts and extensive industry knowledge for nominal management charges. There are many real estate property managers who may offer their services for specific elements of property management like only rent collection or only property marketing. Full service property management companies on the other hand offer extensive services that include everything right from marketing your property to managing daily tasks and even tenant evictions.

If you need efficient real estate property managers for your property, look for full service companies with following major services:

Property marketing & Tenant Hunt

Full service property management companies market your property through online and print mediums to ensure full occupancy. They also screen tenants before allowing them to move into your property.

Rent Collection

Full service companies collect rents from tenants and send you a consolidated report after the amount is deposited in your account. They also ensure late fine collections if any tenant does not pay the rent on time.

Lease Enforcement & Renewal

Such companies ensure that lease terms are enforced in most professional and fair manner. They also arrange for timely lease renewals.

Record Keeping

Full service property management companies maintain full records of tenants, rents and maintenance expenses etc. They send you monthly or yearly reports.

Handling Maintenance Requests

It is the prime responsibility of full service property manager to promptly handle all the maintenance requests. They suitably coordinate with tenants and local vendors.

Handling Emergencies

Full service companies also have efficient systems to handle any type of emergency conditions at your property to reduce the damage risks.

Periodic Property Inspections

Premier Property management is a full service property management company who executes periodic property inspections to submit reports to the owners. This ensures that your property is being maintained well.