An increasing number of property owners have been opting for full service property management. It is a fabulous service that caters to a lot of property needs that tend to come up from time to time when owners are otherwise occupied. Take a look at the impressive list of things that these managers handle for investment owners.

With Respect to Maintenance and Repairs

  • They succeed in diminishing the maintenance costs of the house by regular upkeep. The aid of janitorial and landscaping services is enlisted from time to time.
  • Both major and minor capital improvements are considered, undertaken and executed for the estate.
  • Also, instead of opting for contractors and servicemen from the market, they employ their own personnel. They have a team of contractors that excel in everything from plumbing and carpenters to painters.
  • They work at curtailed costs to let the real estate and property Management Company be in charge of maintenance expenses.

Regarding Collection of Dues

  • If the owner of the property decides to give it on rent, the managers cater to the intermittent needs of the tenants.
  • They handle collection of all the dues and monthly payments to deliver them to the owner.
  • Managing the eviction of the defaulting tenants is also the duty of these property managers.
  • They also conduct screening of prospective tenants in case of eviction and find out their credit worthiness and rental history.

Landlords are saved a great deal of time and effort by these managers who work as per the owner’s suggestions and approval.