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So, you are looking for a tenant to occupy your place, but are unsure as to which potential tenant you want to pick – this is something most property owners would encounter. Finding the right tenant for your property can be very rewarding, but what if a bad tenant occupies your property? That could waste so much of your time, money and peace. Make sure you keep away fraudsters from occupying your precious property, ask these 5 questions suggested by leading a property management service in Overland Park:

5 Questions Suggested by Property Management Services:

  1. “When would you want to move?”

As soon as you receive a phone call or an email from someone responding to your rental advertisement, the very first thing you should ask is when they would want to move. You don’t have to waste your time showing your property to someone who isn’t ready to move in anytime soon.

  1. “Can You Pay the Move-In Cost When Signing the Lease?”

Inform the client beforehand that they will have to pay first month’s rent as well as a security deposit (or the security deposit alone, if that’s what you decide) while moving in, and how much that amount would be. Ask if they are prepared to pay the same upon signing the lease. If they are either unsure or are willing to pay you in installments, it’s probably best that you seek a different tenant.

  1. “Will You Pass a Background or Credit Check?”

Notify the applicant that a background check will be conducted, for which an application has to be filled out. Let them know only those who pass a credit or background check will be offered the property on rent. If they agree to it, good! If not, well, you know what to do.

  1. “Why are you moving out of your Present Place?”

If your potential tenant answers that the landlord terminated their lease or they couldn’t just get along, you should definitely ask that landlord why. What if the tenant failed to pay the rents on time or that they committed some illegal activity during their stay at the previous property? This should probably help you filter out fraudsters amongst the bunch of applicants.

  1. “Do you have Pets?”

Do you have a No-Pet policy in mind? What if your potential tenant has a pet? It’s best you stop the interview right there. However, if you don’t mind allowing pets inside your property, you shall impose restrictions on the types or the number of pets your tenants can bring along with them.

Bottom Line

Sometimes, tenant screening processes are well handled by professionals. Hiring a property management service will be greatly helpful in this regard. They will know the right questions they can ask your potential tenants, do a thorough background check and choose the right tenant for your property.