Summer is the time when apartment owners and apartment management services observe a great tenant turnover due to college schedules and new job postings. There may be many families who may be renting a rental apartment for the very first time.

It’s a regular chore for apartment management services to establish good relations with new tenants and make them feel comfortable in their new accommodation. Every apartment endorses a set of guidelines to be followed by all the existing and new tenants. It is a nice idea to let your new tenants know about these guidelines right at the beginning before they set any of their own expectations.

As soon as a tenant moves into an apartment or signs the apartment lease, let them know exactly what type of maintenance and repair works come under liability of the owner. There may be several simple repair fixes that you may want your tenants to fix themselves and then there may be many works that you do not want your tenant to get involved with; for example, you might like to allow your tenant to change the light bulbs but never try fixing a clogged sink.

It will be great for tenants and the apartment management services to take new tenants for a walk through the apartment and make them understand how everything in the apartment works. Show them the microwave, water heater, dishwasher and stove etc and make sure they know proper handling.

It is also important for apartment management services to let their new tenants know about the rent policy right at the start. Let them also know the actions that could be taken for late or no-payment of rent. If you think it is handy, your apartment property management company can help you printing a tenant handbook of guidelines.

Premier Property Management of Kansas City knows the best ways to communicate all the guidelines to your new tenants in an effective and friendly manner.  Contact us when you are ready for us to help you with your needs.