One of the major responsibilities of property management services include maintaining a safe and crime-free environment. There are a number of scenarios that a criminal or just an opportunist could exploit to enter your property. Here are some outlined precautions that efficient property management companies employ to ensure zero crime:

Strict Tenant Screening

Screening the tenants is an effective way to identify criminals. The property management companies have developed mechanisms to check the records of potential tenants that may not be handy for you as a property owner. Criminal record is naturally a big red signal for immediate denial but tenant screening also keep such people away who are living beyond their means. This ensures that tenants are capable of paying timely rents.

Precautious Home Showing

It could be dangerous to show homes to a complete stranger. Property managers take all the precautions before home shows. They can obviously screen the potential tenants but additionally they make sure that home is shown to a group of potential tenants altogether in daytime.

Not Accepting Cash

By not accepting cash, property management companies prevent possible thefts by outside people and even own employees. It also prevents from criminals who just want to launder their money and keep it off the records to avoid tracking.

Security of Sensitive information

Property management companies make proper arrangements to keep personal information of you and your tenants under tight security. It is never shared or handed over to any other person or irresponsible employees unless it is required by law enforcement.

Security Maintenance

Property managers keep every small security need in their close radar. They ensure that locks, codes and passwords are changed between tenant changes. They also maintain lock change and maintenance records to reduce the owner’s liability in case of any crime.

Engaging the Community

Premier Property management keeps tenant communities constantly involved and aware about prevention of crimes. We can even hold crime prevention seminars to help keep your tenants and property safe.