New age rental property management companies are smart enough to keep your properties modern and attractive to potential renters. The most important thing to look at when you buy a rental property is a strong structure. Efficient rental property management firms can look after rest of the things to look rent-ready, including:


Rental property management firms keep documenting all the records of renovation and maintenance works. Such documentation is necessary to track the funds and additionally, it also serves as investor’s evidence to withhold the security deposits from the tenants.


It is the top responsibility of rental property management companies to examine proper security of the tenants. Especially if your property was previously rented, it makes sense to get all the exterior locks changed as you are never sure if previous tenants would still have duplicate keys.

The garage locks, mailbox codes and alarm passwords must also be changed before you welcome new tenants.

General Maintenance, Repair & Replacements

Proficient rental property management companies do undertake general maintenance tasks to be completed cost effectively. It normally includes:

  • Cleaning the vents to get rid of excessive dust on HVAC ducts and filters
  • Fixing the broken hardware and fixtures
  • Examining and repairing the appliances
  • Replacing the window screens for cleaner look
  • Scrub property from top to bottom making it fresh for new occupants
  • Fresh painting


Spiders, cockroaches and other such creepy crawlers are great red sign for new renters. You rental property management company can call in the best extermination teams to get rid of all such nasty organisms.


Landscaping the yard not only makes the property look attractive but it also increases its curb appeal. Repairing the walkways, extracting weeds, maintaining flower pots, cleaning away the garbage and fixing the furniture can demand great amount of time and effort if you try to do it yourself.

Premier Property Management of Kansas City is an Expert rental property management company and can do all these preparations and more in an orderly and cost effective manner — contact us for more information.