It’s in the best interest of multifamily property management teams to keep your property fully occupied. Rents being the main source of fund for all the operations (including payment of the property managers), it gets into top priorities of property managers to adequately advertise about your property to maximize rental income.

The inability of multifamily property management team to advertise property is tantamount to deliberate financial suicide. Here are the top technologies that efficient property management teams continually use to ensure full tenant occupancy:

Mobile Devices

Doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, the multifamily property management industry is ready to use mobile technology to change the way it operates. Now, a lot of prospects like searching for appropriate residential property over their mobile devices. And experienced property managers exactly know how to reach the newer generation of renters.

Mobile technologies are not only limited to finding new renters, it goes on with online payments, maintenance requests and all other operations streamlined through mobile devices.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium that empowers multifamily property management teams to use rich media like photos, videos and other engagement techniques to advertise about your property. This adaptation to online social media largely impact search relevancy of the potential renters.

Online Local Data

Over the last few years, local property searches have evolved from printed lists to online listings. As more and more potential renters are using internet technology to do geographical specific properties search, professional multifamily property management teams are ready to cater solutions based on location and budget.

Internet technologies greatly help property managers to understand and serve buying habits of the renters. Do you think you would have enough time and resources to employ all these technologies and more for your property promotion? If not, engage us as your expert multifamily property management company right away.  We’re here to help you.